Bizzar Dreams

May 12, 2007 11:21pm CST
Ever have a bizzar dream? No? - Imagine if you would like, here I am on a farm,leaning a fence, the smell of fresh cut hay and this hunk of a man is kissing my neck. - I am wearing one of those silk scarves around my neck, beautiful blouse... I am dressed nicely. - the hunk of a man is kissing my neck and trying to untie the scarf with his teeth and instead of groaning with delight I am busy BUSY... - Busy trying to look over his shoulder and moving his huge mellon head out of the way because behind this hunk of a man are these souped up John Deer tractors. Pimped out tractors, candy apple red, electric blue, even some combines were decked out. Chrome on the tractors, even tinted windows, heck they had leather interiors.... - LOL and here you thought it was about to get naughty and it ends up being about tractors, I actually woke up laughing at the dream and then I laughed at myself.
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