Online love is possible

May 12, 2007 11:32pm CST
Don't get the wrong point,here.I mean,online love is between my cousin and his girlfriend who happened to fall in love with each other by chance when they had nothing to do but to search sth online.they lead a happy life together now,for them,degree or position is not a barrier in front of love,Some discriminate love takes place online,but every coin has double sides,right?SO I want to address here,friends don't be afraid of love online,which adds a colorful brush to our life.What about your opinions or experiences.Please share with me .
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• Finland
13 May 07
Yes, it is possible. I almost fall in love, just because I chat with girl via msn messenger. Only problem with that was just that we live in different cities and there is 600 km between us. So we could practically never see each other. I think that in relationship there should be more than just chatting. Couples should be able to see them at least sometimes. We could see others about once in two months and that wouldn't work. It would take about couple of years that we could move closer. Luckily I found later that girl wasn't right person to me anyway, so it doesn't matter at all that we couldn't fall in love.
@hexu640 (139)
• China
13 May 07
Online love is possible.But it's dangerous.I have been met my net friend some times.I think it's very crazy.I can't think do this but at last i do that.when we met we have a lunch together,and then go climbing.we have wonderful day.finally he became a good friend of my.