Crossing Jordan Cancelled-It's Official:(

United States
May 13, 2007 12:42am CST
It amazes me I've already been getting e-mails from people asking me my opinion about the cancellation and how I feel about it in general. See what happens when you run a fan site for the show. People actually care about your opinion hehe. In some ways its good that it's been cancelled, and in other ways it isn't. I've always felt its better when a show goes out while it's still attracting viewers and the stories are good. Like every show though there have been some episodes that I wondered why they did them, but I never lost faith in the show. It'll always been one of my favorites. I realize that every show has to end, but I want to put some blame NBC. Since NBC started airing the football and moved all their schedules around, their advertising for all their shows especially Crossing Jordan has been horrible. I feel if I didn't have the internet I probably would have never figured out when the show was coming back on. How can a network not re-air the previous season?(it was a cliffhanger) I thought that was a standard. Also why did they move the premiere 2-3 times? It's more confusing for viewers. The only time I ever seemed to see commercials for the show was when I was watching the Today Show in the morning. I work at home so I'm there to see the commercials but what about most fans who watch TV at night. I'm hoping the slated Series finale ties everything together and ends the show. If not maybe NBC or another network like TNT or A&E can pick it up and air some kind of special last episode. I've seen the above situations happen to so many great TV shows. I'm not going to get into all of those though hehe. Here's to a great show and to hoping the show is released on DVD soon:)
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