Our Own Ads For Every Discussion...Profit Sharing With MyLot. Whats Your Opinion

May 13, 2007 4:05am CST
The brunt of the source where income or revenues in the internet came were from ads & the traffic it produces, for most business & a huge factor most especially for its basic survival in this very highly competitive environment. MyLot i feel is no exception to that, as there are lots of spirited entrepreneur members here in MyLot. As i went around how business is done in the internet, one can not argue the prevalence of ads posted, splashed, blinks, pops, & some even talks in most pages. Most revenues generated by these ads though are very much directed to the site owners or page owners but some sites do come upon with them to share revenues by allowing contributors to place their own ad account to generate particular revenue to their page. The placement of our own ad account in discussions we start & share these revenues with the site owners seem plausible as it gives to revenues for both. Particularly how the mechanics is done, i just cant state since I'm too newbie for that, but the general concept of revenue sharing while not sacrificing the content MyLot is so famously known is really a very BIG come on. I for one would really welcome this as sort of an incentive, perhaps MyLot in a way would evolved that way as others have. That would surely boost those who are already very much earning satisfactorily here. Just a thought, would you want it?
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• Singapore
13 May 07
Hey, I think this is an AWESOME suggestion! myLot can make it something like hubpages! If they implement this, I will likely be more motivated again to post discussions. ;-)