Smallville's Best Episode so far...

May 13, 2007 9:33am CST
I don't know if this topic/dicussion was posted by other poster since I don't have much time to browse and search. But I'll still post this anyway. I know there are thousands of smallville fans out there and being inlove and get addicted in their episodes. In your entire 6 years in tailing this series, what is your best episode so far? As for me, I loved Season 6 Episodes 4 (Arrow) and 21 (Justice). Season 6 Episode 4 (Arrrow) It was when the mysterious green arrow revealed it's true identity. Season 6 Episode 21 (Justice) The herioc super-powered allies together. How about you?
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@stavae (2)
• Czech Republic
4 Jun 07
I noticed that there are relatively FEW mentions of Chloe Sullivan here (Alison Mack). She is by far my most favorite character in the Smallville show. Beautiful, smart, decidated. Which is more than I can say for most of the other female characters. Among the males, I adore (or should I say adored) Jonathan Kent (Schneider).
• Philippines
26 Jun 07
Of course, I also loved Chloe, the ever dearest friend of Clark. But don't you think she's a freak too? As for Jonathan Kent, I haven't seen him for a while maybe someone would do an episode for him, he's a good guy too.
@maghella (270)
• Italy
14 May 07
Well, I liked Justice, all right, but my all time favourite is the one where Lana makes love to Clark...I'm an helpless romantic I guess. Although I aƬhave to say that I don't care much for Lana, since she's too stupid.. Most disgusting episode??? Lana and Lex making out!! PHUAH!!!
• Philippines
5 Jun 07
on lana and lex making out....LMFAO...nice one
• United States
13 May 07
By "Best Episode So Far", do you mean just Season 6 episodes? It's always hard for me to pick a favorite out of a large group of something, but working with just the sixth season I might be able to make a vague stab at something I remember. So I'll do a memory refresh at I was glad to see Clark FINALLY get his Super Breath (although it didn't seem very icy yet) in episode 6-2 Sneeze, but was disappointed when I never saw it again (I think maybe he's used it once since). I can't vouch for 6-6 Fallout, since that's just another "let's kill off a potential love interest for Clark" episode. Episode 6-13 Crimson was definitely awesome for its Lois and Clark fun, even if they are getting ahead of their "Smallville" premise (which was lost pretty much after season 4 anyways). Episode 6-18 Progeny had me constantly asking where Gabe Sullivan is, and saying "Oh, THAT'S how you pronounce 'Moira'." And towards the end of the episode, I just love the scene where Chloe sheets a missile right into Lex's face, and you see in the slowdown Clark just stares at him as if he's not going to save him. I ought to see that again as soon as I can. But my absolute favorite definitely had to be episode 6-12 Labyrinth. A psychological thriller to say the least, and it had Shelby! That definitely was my favorite episode all season, though I kinda wished they could've stuck in John Schneider somewhere...too bad.
• Philippines
27 May 07
I agree with that. Good choice ZaffireWolf.
@rangics (1335)
• Philippines
24 May 07
So far i enjoyed watching over and over again Episode 9 of Season 6. The best part where Lois told Clark and Chloe about how good was her experienced when she kissed the what she belived was " green arrow ". It made clark blushed!So cute!
• Australia
16 May 07
at the current time i think u can download seasons 1-5 from you just may need to register with them
15 May 07
I liked the episode "Nemesis", not yet seen on British screens - Season 6, episode 19. Without giving too much away, Lana gets to show her 'dark side' and Clark and Lex catch a glimpse of a friendship that was. It leads to the story in the next episode "Prototype" which, although exciting in parts, I found the acting by certain characters a little stiff which ruined it for me. So, to answer your question, the best episode for me so far is "Nemesis".
• United States
14 May 07
Justice is my favorite episode too.Thanks for listing the name of it.I couldn't remember it to save my soul.I hope we get to see the heroes again.I loved them.
@mtoxales (374)
• Canada
13 May 07
I like the episodes Justice and Promise. For the episode Promise, I like it because of the twists and I am a Clark-Lana fan. Lana was searching for the truth about Clark and Clark was protecting Lana so he did not tell her the truth. Now Lana is protecting Clark because she knows the truth about him but Clark is puzzled and is now trying to find out what changed Lana's mind.