why do we hate others

May 13, 2007 10:27am CST
"HATE" this particular word is used in many contexts. We do hate some of the people. There may be many reasons for this as one of them is we dont like the attitude or behavior, or it can be many of the reasons if we start giving here the space will be less. But have we ever thought we are wasting time doing this as the person we tend to hate we think of that particular person more and waste our time. I said waste our time because only we are thinking of that person instead of doing something positive and that person is not even thinking of you and keeping on doing his or her work. So why do we waste our time doing so because even someone may be hating us due to some or other reason. Let's stop doing this and start to think in a better way that " NO ONE IS PERFECT IN THIS WORLD", Not even ourselves.
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