An orange DS? That'd be awesome!

May 13, 2007 12:54pm CST
I'd love to see the DS have a wider variety of colors available in the market. I mean, for such a cute handheld, it'd be so cool to see more colors available. I'd personally get me an orange DS. What about you?
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• United States
14 May 07
I think an orange one would be great! I think they would make a lot of money if they made a limited edition one, I know I'd buy it and pay more money for an orange one.
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@Acceed (33)
• Sweden
13 Aug 07
For NDSL there are custom shells, if there is one in orange I don't know though.
@Acceed (33)
• Sweden
13 Aug 07
Sorry for forgetting to include this in my main post, but: You could also just unscrew the shell you have currently and spraypaint it.
@EliteUser (3966)
• Australia
4 Jan 09
Hey, In my opinion I would LOVE to get a Nintendo DS to have a GLOSSY black colour! Forget all the boring black colours used on the Nintendo DS, I love glossy black colours. Actually, does anyone know if you can replace the Nintendo DS's outer casing like you can do with the PSP? That would be AWESOME if you could do that! Because if you would somehow get an old Nintendo DS you wouldn't want people to say that it is an old Nintendo DS, you could just swap the casing and they would never know that it was old! I would want to see it in the iPod colours. You know...all the fluro colours! Hope this helps!
@Woodpigeon (3710)
• Ireland
13 May 07
YOu know what would be the coolest thing about the orange DS? It'd be easy to find! I think they should put a flashing light and a siren on it, too, and install one of those clappers! That way, the next time my kids are squealing about their 'lost' DS, and I tell them to look under their beds, they clan clap, get the siren going off and the light flashing and it will vastly simplify my life. They should do all of that with the game cartridges, as well. Those little fellas are impossible to spot when I'm vacuming!