He did it again...Luis Hamilton

May 13, 2007 10:28pm CST
Did you watch Spanish F1 race recently? I could say the rookie from the McLaren team, Luis Hamilton had shown a superb performance...Although he could only finish second behind Massa, but I still consider it as a good performance from someone who is still new to F1 and still in adaptation process...However, I felt a bit sad with Alonso..he could only finish 3rd...but it was still lucky for him considering he was almost out of the race while the race was just started...he tried to push his machine really hard to take the lead from Massa..but this time, Massa was completely ready and willing to do anything from giving Alonso the lead...They almost hit each other but it seems that Massa won't care too much about that anymore...So, Alonso had to avoid from crashing the brazilian, so he had to bring out his machine out of the circuit and then come back again...but it was too late for him already...Massa already far away leading the race...Anyway, Luis Hamilton did keep up with a consistent performance in every race...For sure, this rookie deserved to be look at...
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