The Necromancer is the Best

May 13, 2007 11:04pm CST
I don't care how many of you guys play Paladins, Amazons, Sorceresses, Barbarians, Assassins, and Druids (though I really don't like the gameplay of the expansion classes). The Necromancer is the best. Especially if you get past level 90.
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@isaax190 (70)
• Philippines
4 Aug 12
I played Sorceress on the original diablo 2 game with all +1 to skill set... Necromancer in the original game was sorta imba with no limitation on summoning skeletons and revive but on expansion they were balance so it wasnt that strong anymore... Me and my brother played the expansion...My brother uses necromancer and I pwn in pvp with my assassin... whatever he do he cant beat my assasin XD
@Veriteigh (126)
• Canada
15 Feb 09
My problem with Necromancers is the insane lag (if you're a summoner). It is insanely strenuous on the servers. If that wasn't the case, I would have probably raised a necro to level 84+
@joeray (7)
• United States
20 May 07
the necromancer ain't that great.. he can easily get destroyed by a druid..
• Romania
16 May 07
the necromancer is my favorite. i have two characters of this class, the first is still a level 34 but still I like it's powers not to mention that you can create a small party or monsters that help you a lot. I totally agree with you the necromancer is truly THE BEST. By the way if what happens when you reach level 90 or higher?