How are users awarded Star ratings next to their names?

May 14, 2007 1:54am CST
I see many users with lots of points, but with no star or less star ratings, but I see some users who have less than 150 points, but have a good star rating like9. How does this system work...? Somebody please shed some light on this by showing where the rules are writeen, Any help will be definitely appreciated. yours friendly Heartwalker
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@ESKARENA1 (18298)
14 May 07
when you have made 100 responses you will get a reputation star between 1 and 10. This shows your over-all mylot reputation and is derived from a combination of plus and minus ratings given to your mylot responses blessed be
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• India
15 May 07
Thank you Eskarena, that was very helpful...
@Aussies2007 (5339)
• Australia
15 May 07
Even so... myLot affirm that they have an intricate system in place to make the star rating work... it does not work... because it relies on the members to do the right thing... and people never do the right thing. Next to each answer... there is a plus and a minus. People are supposed to give you a plus when they like your answer... but they never do... because they forget. However... they never forget to give you a minus if they don't like your answer. The quickest way to see your star rating drop in myLot is to say that you don't believe in God or any form of religion. If you don't... stay away from any question about religion... otherwise they will pulverise you with an avalanche of minus. You get your first star when you reach 100 points. The number on it will be related on how many plus and minus you did receive for your first 100 answers. This is the number of points you need for each star. Of course... one minus cancel a plus out. So if you get 70 plus and 30 minus... your total is 40 points. 5-14 Star Number 1 15-24 Star Number 2 25-34 Star Number 3 35-44 Star Number 4 45-54 Star Number 5 55-64 Star Number 6 65-74 Star Number 7 75-84 Star Number 8 85-94 Star Number 9 95-100 Star Number 10
• India
16 May 07
Dear Sir, This is the best answer I have ever received, I always give + to all who respond, save those who do just for points' sake.I just hope that the ppl at Mylot know what they are doing. Thanks for the informative, exhaustive answer. yours friendly Heartwalker
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