Payrise - why would everyone love it?

@jhartana (1085)
May 14, 2007 6:08am CST
How can anyone resist this? I am just quite happy today that the company I work in have just announced I will get payrise...was told that I'll be guaranteed to get 3% minimum increase...could be more than that although won't be much. This will take effect on 1st July...and what's more though that 1st July 2008 will get another minimum 3% pay rise. I was also told I will not lose any benefit at all and as the company gets better then me and other co-workers will be entitled to even more benefits. Well I think that's good reason for me to stay working temporarily before I could find a much better job. Anyone would share the same thing just happened to me or if there's any coming payrise? Thanks :)
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@kumbarn14 (735)
• Pakistan
16 May 07
You worked hard for the company and when you get a pay rise you are happy that the Company has appreciated your efforts. You should never leave a Company which appreciate your hard work, which some companys' deny because you may ask for a pay rise. So watch out I am speaking with experience.