Why you admire or dislike in your teacher

@kponniah (203)
May 14, 2007 6:38am CST
Everybody who had experinced schooling or college will have their favorite and disliked teacher.. What you like in your favorite teacher and why u hate some teacher... let's share things here so that some teachers looking this will correct thier characters...
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@thai11 (239)
• United States
14 May 07
Very true, we have all had some teacher who we can't stand while we love others!! I had 4 great teachers in whole lofe from grade school to high school to college!! My most recent favorite teachers were some college professors I had. They were awesome, they made me feel like I had the power to change the world, anything I wanted to do is in my grasp! They gave me the tools(knowledge) to help me become the woman I am today. They made me care about the world which can be hard for a college student who usually keeps themselves in a little bubble! They made themmselves available to talk, suggested ideas, never gave advise! They wanted us to make our conclusions and decisions. One of them was my Interculturral Communications Professor and the other was a Sociology professor who taught like 6 or 7 classes!! Again...both awesome teachers!!