Sachin and Yuvi exposed by Rajan Bala, the Reporter

@hiveenu (521)
May 14, 2007 6:38am CST
Hi, yesterday I read with shock about the "night life" of yuvi on tours affecting the team morale and the "deliberate non-contribution of ideas" from sachin during team meetings in tours. If this is the conduct of one (yuvi) touted as future captain and another one (sachin) revered as cricketing God, what good can come of them to indian cricket? Similarly Rajan Bala has revealed that the Captaincy to dravid was not liked by sachin and ganguly. Moreover, he has also revealed that the inclusion of ganguly in the playing 11 during his comeback was due to pressure from no less than shri sharad pawar over phone. Aren't we wasting our time seeing our crorepathies playing golf discussing politics during the course of the game we all watch believing it as "cricket"?
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