Wickedness of the World we Live In

Beheaded man lies dead in the street. - A dead body of a beheaded man lies in the streets.
May 14, 2007 7:38am CST
Will all such wickedness ever stop? A dead body of a beheaded man lies in the street, and more so, this is not the first time. A few weeks back the same incident occurred just as you see it there,man slaughtering man. No longer do people have respect for life any more,killing a human being is as simple as slaughtering chicken. The question is, were are we heading?,Were is this world heading to? Does anyone have an answer where we shall be the next few years?
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• India
14 May 07
this will continue happening aslong as the upholders of the law do their work properly..well they shouldnt be blamed entirely..but someitmes the police do help the criminals for money..