Why are most of the girls attracted towards famous/confident guys?

May 14, 2007 7:54am CST
I don't get the point of being a fan or being attracted towards the guy who is famous or is very confident N stuff like that. I mean there are other guys as well which may be much better than the famous one, right? So, why stick to just the one who is confident, democratic, expressive N all. Also, I have a question for all the girlz out there that, what is the most feature of a guy to which you are more attracted, is it his personality, his body or his way of treating others or what? You see some things or should I say people are not what you expect them to be, they are/can be different. So, don't guess people by their FACE. COMMENTS PLZ.
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@vokey9472 (1488)
• United States
14 May 07
Well, women are attracted to famous men for many reasons. Those guys are gorgeous, wealthy, super stars, etc. It's a fantasy. We like to look at those guys and dream about what it would be like to be with them, but we know that the reality is we are never going to be that guy and that is ok. I totally find some musicians and movie stars attractive. I am married to a guy who looks nothing like a movie star. He is balding, has a pot belly, wears the dorkiest glasses (i begged him to get different frames, he wouldn't listen), does not know the difference between a carborator and a carb, couldn't lie his way out of a wet paper bag, etc....but I love him and I married him. I was attracted to his smile. I saw him from across a dance floor and I fell in love with his smile. I told my friend "see that guy over there, i am gonna marry him" she laughed and said I would probably sleep with him but I wouldn't marry him. Well, we will be married 6 years in September. So, don't worry about women liking celebrities so much. It's just a fantasy. Like men who drool over Carmen Electra or Pam Anderson. It's just fantasy.
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• Canada
15 May 07
You are Right but I'm just concerned that why just stick to the thing which is Infront of you? Why not go and explore more good things in life? You know, to advance towards improvement. What do you say?