is canabis really bad for you???

Amsterdam Cannabis - This Picture i took of Some White Widow Skunk in a Hotel in Amsterdam Also Known as The Netherlands The Land of Living and Make Believe,
My Mate Loves the stuff
@yrdib1 (117)
May 14, 2007 8:29am CST
I Was hopefully able to get all peoples opinions on Cannabis Health as I'm Studying a degree on Drugs,The Main Key question: Does Cannabis Damage Peoples Health or Should it be Precribed Legally What are your opinions?
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@peromk (84)
• Macedonia
8 Oct 07
I don't think that cannabis will damage peoples health. Of course if you using a small quantity of it. If you get over it -:(((( It's very dangerous!
@yrdib1 (117)
24 Aug 08
I have concluded mabee it should be legalized lol, therefore people should have a more relaxed aproach on it , i suppose if you get the good quality stuff then should be 100% healthy than vitamins