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May 14, 2007 8:36am CST
In india the cost of fuel that is petrol is shooting up day by day , there seems to be no stopping for that , not only fuel but if we consider day to day consumables they are also costly. The point is not only about the cost factor but also the quality we get , what i want to stress is we are not getting what we pay for. The cost what we pay for a product is not to the mark what we should get , there is a lot of awareness campaign going around in india . But why dont people who are in to business understand that its not fair to cheat a customer , they take each and every penny that is applicable for that product but we dont get a fair deal. There are a lot of products we come across daily that we use, we pay our hard earned money but still we dont get satisfaction. I feel every one should feel accounted for , sellers should try to give the best what we pay for , customers do stress a lot of times for fair deal , but those are the very few customers.
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@gscs1838 (1536)
• Malaysia
17 May 07
since the cost of fuel shooting up day by day.... why not try to get some fuel save product to promote in your country... maybe can eran some extra $$$