Spider-Man 3 Best Movie Ever? I Don't Think So!

@koikoikoi (1247)
United States
May 14, 2007 9:07am CST
Now, we all know it made a lot of money. But let's be real the only reason it made a lot of money was because, c'mon people really, Spider-Man and kids and the 3rd installment to the movie series with the 2nd most outrageous villian, Venom. Okay come on now Topher Grace as Venom? Spagghetti arms, he looks anorexicand emo, with eye liner. And in the comic book Venom is not a costume his body transforms into it. And the New Goblin? That's not even his name! In the fist one his name was the Green Goblin which was right with the comic book and cartoon. Their was also another goblin called the Hob Goblin which is the one in the cartoon and comic book which is suppoesably the one in the movie. In the movie he's not orange nor has a hood on. And the Sand Man? Who chose the Sand Man? He's not even one of the main villains in the cartoon or the comic book. He almost never came out! He's a background I'll check in with him later villain. If this is the last Spider-Man movie they should have done it right with the villains that wanted him dead the most. Venom, Carnage, and Hob Goblin and or Dr. Ocopus. He was one of the main ones in the whole story of spider man. Sand man would have been good in the second one. Sandman, the eagle guy ( i don't know his name), and mysterio. Do you agree, disagree? Has their ever been a movie that you thought was going to be good and ends up being a pile of crap, or not as good as you thought? What movie?
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