Money Troubles!!! Require Much Help

United States
May 14, 2007 9:39am CST
Hello, I am a sahm of 2. My husband is a hardworker. But sometimes it is just not enough. I need help. We are behind on everything. Almost 2 months behind on our mortgage. Our credit is not great, so all traditional means are out. Which I have tried. I have also tried our county, but no luck there either. We are in need of 3500.00. I am at my wits end, very stressed. I have put my faith in God and I believe he will provide for us. However I still am scared. I don't want to loose everything. If anyone knows of someone or someplace that can help me I would certianly appreciate it. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and respond. Have a Good Day Many Blessings, Laurie
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@craftwave (1338)
• United States
1 Jul 07
Have you tried Salvation Army? Also call a local pator. Many churches are struggling financially themselves but there is usually some organizations in the community that can help and preachers usually know who to contact or can find out. There are things like food banks and clothing give aways that help reduce the burden of using your money for these things and can be used for bills instead. My husband was a preacher and we received many calls for assistance. My husband was usually able to point them in the right direction.
• Philippines
1 Jul 07
don't bother that was just a money. trust in Him and he will guide you...
@Lindalinda (4111)
• Canada
14 May 07
Dear Laurie, Yes you need help. Before you loose everything try a credit counselling service. Maybe your mortgage payments and other obligations can be reduced to fit your husband's income. You also need a to find a way to contribute. Maybe you can find a job a few hours a week in a convenience store in the evening or cleaning house for an etre $ 60 to $ 80 a week, or helping an elderly person with shopping, chores etc. If that is not possible try to economize at home. Do not buy prepared foods, save on your grocery bill by making soups, chillis, stews all from scratch. If you have some land around your house grow lettuces, tomatoes, rhubarb and beans. Bake your own cookies and snacks. Shop at the Goodwill or Salvation Army until better times arrive. Good luck to you.
@beckyjo (16)
• United States
14 May 07
I can't help you with the $3500 unless you or your dh want to get a second job - maybe delivering pizzas or babysitting or both - and sell anything you can! But you really need to go to and take a look at what he has to say. He has helped lots of people get control of their money! You can look for his books at the library, too - you don't need to buy them. Please, RUN to the library and get either Financial Peace or Total Money Makeover by him. I swear to you that you'll be thrilled that you did. I got my daughter and her husband to read it and they're now able to keep their house AND pay off their other bills.