Which is best email server in the world?

May 14, 2007 10:41am CST
what you think mine is gmail
6 responses
@edandunyo (146)
• Indonesia
14 May 07
Using email server need more consideration, not just take the best only. Gmail or the other having each beneficial and unbeneficial. using gmail in low acses just wasting your time because it is so long loading the server. better using server that take low limit like yahoo or local server. as long as giving more profit we can using that consideration.
@burcun (504)
• Turkey
14 May 07
I thing is gmail. It have too much capasity and chat is also good. I didnt see the better one.
• India
14 May 07
yes..i m complt agree...gmail is one of the best free mail service avilable ....and has got lot...n what to abt spam filter ..the best one...than other mail servers..
@5000ml (1923)
• Belgium
14 May 07
I have to agree, I like Gmail. It works good these days and I like all the added things, like the chat. I also appreciate the huge amount of storage space we have and their spam filter is pretty good.
• India
14 May 07
gmail is also my favorite but i like new yahoo mail beta too.
@anant123 (66)
• United States
14 May 07
i too believe gmail is the best mail service provider.... the way it is adding features daily, attracting more and more ppl...