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May 14, 2007 11:57am CST
I know a lot of people here in mylot are a big fan of PBB. A lot of you are happy when Dionne is out of the house, aside from that when mommy gie was been elected to be out. Though Im not participating in the text poll every week, here in our house, we have different bets. Lets talk about the 4 housemates whose back at the house.. Do you think, wendy deserve another chance? or big brother puts her to have something to be seen to their love story with bruce? about the vote whose going to stay, I choose wendy and kean. I dont like zick, coz he's kinda "feeling Handsome" and the way he treated the girls, with his malicious mind, i dont think he deserve another chance to stay there. ANother is Jasmin, I also dont like her?! I wish she be out again. so guys... what do you think??
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@cutiedhes (508)
• Philippines
16 May 07
I also don't participate in text polls during eviction night but i am watching this show. When Dionne was evicted i pity her because i know that she wants to stay longer in the house and prove to others that she is worth to stay inside the house. With regards to the four ex-housemates that was given a chance to go back inside the house i choose kian and maybe wendy to be given a second chance than to jasmin and ezekeil. Maybe because of the last two attitude that's why i don't like them. While the first two maybe they want to prove something and to show to others that they have changed. So why don't we give them a chance.
• Philippines
26 May 07
thanks cutiedhes for the comment. Sorry for the late reply.