What do you Do if you see a mother abusing her Son?

May 14, 2007 12:12pm CST
This is a sad story in the hood where I currently lived. My place is a decent exclusive subdivision and the neighbours are quite friendly and nice. Not until on my 2nd year of residing in my flat I came to witness every other day a Single Mom verbally abusing her eight year old son.I ignored it at first thinking it is just maybe those bad days. Then two days after, I saw the mother locking out her son, beating him and cursing him. I cannot take the harsh words she is using to her son. Just by listening one can determine that the woman is mess up and putting the blame to her kid of what is happening in their lives.Sad but true, even some of my concerned neighbours reported her to Child abuse NGO here in the Phils. But after several months she chill out then go back again to her usual behavior. Now the child is 11 years old and she is still doing it. I attempted contacting the authorities to report such abuse but then she suddenly locks the door and seems like nobody is inside the flat.Once in a while I still witness this same incident and even my neighbours got immune to it that they just brushed it off and shrugged their shoulders.These days the son is also answering her back in a very disrespectful way,like a chain he is becoming like her...Should the mother of this child just be removed with the right for the CUSTODY if she is an abuser???She would definitely turning her son into one like her.What are your views about this issue?
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@dawnrm69 (1174)
• United States
14 May 07
This is a bad thing going on and it good that you are trying to help out for if she beating him and leaving bruises and causing bleeding then she needs help. As he gets older well all this is going to make him angry and well one day he is going to go back on her and all this verbal willl back fire on her. Do you go to church? if so try slipping some daily devotion books at their door. Dont let them know it is you leaving these things but the child will hopefully read this well her too but especiallyhim. He need to know that he can get help. I will be saying a prayer for them.
• Philippines
14 May 07
Yes I am a Christian. The difficult thing to do to help these people is that the Mom seem to be paranoid to her surroundings. My nephew and niece one time visited me and tried to befriend the boy but the Mom of the boy is eyeing him indicating non verbally not to make friends. So the boy too is isolated. The more he felt alone and I can sense he had a lot of fears hidden inside him. Just with the Mom's shout and he rushed to her, like a command from a KING.It is sad really.Anyway, I'd pray one day help would come along.Thanks for the prayer, I will pray for them too.Godbless dawnrm69!