Im Feeling Squireley I want a secret a good juicy secret. Whos Got a Good one?

United States
May 14, 2007 3:30pm CST
This is a discussion about secrets and lies. If you have a big secret you just have to get off your chest or you have lied to someone or are living a lie about something and you wanna come clean .... This is the discussion for you. Lets See what happens. Ill start. I have been dying to tell someone this for a long time my boy just left for Cali and i feel i can tell now and not have to worry about it. My boy who comes from a very wealthy and a very conservative family. He is 22 and has 2 sisters, one that lives in Colorado and goes to school out there. She is 24, and a younger sister that just started at Michigan state she is 19. Well, i have grown up with this kid and his family for years. so his family sent him and I out to see his sister in Colorado, for some skiing and relaxation, well one night i was drunk after skiing and hitting the bars around this ski town we were lodged up in, and was walking back to our lodge with my boys sister, my boy decided to stay out that night with a girl he meet in town. We made our way to the lodge tavern because i was so hungry and needed a burger we ate and had a few more drinks talking about growing up and memories over the years. at the end of the night we walked to our rooms and as i was just about to turn away from my boys sister to go to my room she grabs me and says, "Your not Leaving That easy" kinda cheesy i know... but i was surprised i spent the whole night in that room it was amazing. We left 2 days later and her brother had no idea. Next fall we went up to Michigan State for the Notre Dame Game. We got there at 8 am the game was at 7pm we both new a lot of people up there from our high school so we were at a a buddy house tailgating before the game. i left my boy to go to another party and we were going to meet up later. On my way to the party I stumbled upon my boys other sister walking down the street with half of the girls in her dorm all made up and cute. So me in my drunken stupor decided to go with the 10 hot females i had in front of me we made it all the way 2 this party that was like 45 minute walk but it was worth it 4 kegs, Ice Luge, Dj, Stage, just absolute pandemonium. Well i proceeded toget wasted with my boys younger sister till the end of the game slept in her dorm with her. one thing Led to the other and you guys can guess what happened . I guess im telling my boy sorry for sleeping with his only 2 sisters. And i still dont think the sisters ever found out that i slept with both of them.
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