Has the world gone mad?

May 14, 2007 3:46pm CST
You all will agree with me that if someone would break in to your home and if someone would steel you would have the right to smack that person and hand him over to the police. Okey so here in Holland we have a policy (which makes me so mad) when someone breakes into your house and you will knock him down you played your own judge and you have to go to jail?How stupid is that? Als how about this story about a young girl and her mom.She went back to Holland away from here Italian husband who abused her.Because of the fact she had fled back to Holland and the Italian (though they knew he had a bad record in Italy)wanted his kid back took a lawyer and the judge decided that the young girl age 5 or something had to go back to her daddy who's a criminal AND she doesn't understand the language? I really start to hate my own Country i sometimes whished that our government would jsut drop dead because they have invented these idiot rules.
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