Surefire Ways to Destroy a Perfectly Good Relationship...

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May 14, 2007 5:46pm CST
Relationships oftentimes start off grrrREAT! But thin end up on a thin line between love and hate. This thread is about surefire ways to destroy a Perfectly Good Relationship. Hopefully from this we can all learn a thing or two on how to preserve a good thing when we're lucky enough to have it. I'll start it off... NAGGING! Nagging about every little thing can drive a person up a wall - especially if they had a long day already. Don't sweat the small stuff. Try your best to overlook the minor things that really don't matter. Instead look at your mate as a whole, and Remember: If you're looking for that "Perfect Person" sorry but they don't exist. P.S. If you must discuss an issue that can't be avoided, then communicate (at a good time..not time they walk in the door) in a calm, unaccusing tone. Ask questions... Find out how the other person feels about the issue - Don't Assume. Thereafter, you can both work on a mutual Solution to the issue and move forward with your relationship.
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@musicman6 (2391)
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15 May 07
Multimastery, you have hit the nail, right on the head! Unfortunately, for me, this discussion is fifteen years too late! But I have learned from the mistakes I made, and have driven through the jungle of life,and now I hope that others will take heed, and notice this discussion, where they will learn, and hopefully salvage, an ailing relationship! And standing right beside, nagging, is jealously! This sharp edged personality disorder will surely contribute real fast, to destroy a perfectly good relationship! And trailing right behind both of these is lack of communication! In this "jungle of life", one must not lose communication, with your significant other! The one thing I hope is that others will learn, from mistakes, that I have made!
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16 May 07
Well better late than never...and you're right, hopefully others will take heed to this advice so that they can avoid potential relationship pitfalls.
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@lightningMD (5932)
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14 May 07
Thanks for the tips. I tell myself all the time not to sweat the small stuff sometimes it works and sometimes I ignore myself.
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14 May 07
No problem...we all have things that we can work on. Let's keep adding to this "Relationship Killer Thread" so that we all can gain more insight.