Why is the sky blue? And other whys

Series of whys - Kids and adults often have a seemingly never ending questions of whys.
May 14, 2007 9:34pm CST
According to wordnet, why is the cause or intention underlying an action or situation. Why is often considered as a never ending question especially if the one asking is a kid. After answering the first "why", it is followed by another "why" making it a series of "whys". Often we end up giving the plain but safe answer: because. But are you aware that some of it have valid answers? Because of this I am giving a series of whys in a series of discussions. Try to be creative in answering it. Here's the first why:Why is the sky blue?
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• Philippines
15 May 07
we perceive the sky to be blue because of the effect of the water vapors up in the sky as such interacts with the rays/light that is being emitted by the sun. this was explicitly shown in a high school experiment where the sun was made to pass through a prism. various colors was caused to come out of it. this proves that the sun's rays will cause colors to come out depending upon which part of the prism is being activated by the exposure. for water, it is blue.