Australia refusing to play with Zimbabwa - Is it GOOD for CRICKET ???

May 14, 2007 11:11pm CST
Recently Australia refused to play with Zimbabwa due to their internal political problems. Do U approve this decision? Don't U think that it'll harm the interest of CRICKET? Is it not possible for both the teams to play cricket in a third country for the sake of Cricket?
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• Australia
15 May 07
As an Australian i see it as a very tricky situation. Politics should not intervere with sport but by denying these countries it can help make a difference to their attitudes.
@hiveenu (521)
• India
15 May 07
Hi, it is wrong for australia to refuse playing zimbabwe. We all know that the australians, in spite of their on pitch belligerance, are actually cowards out of it. Remember they refused to play the srilankan leg of the world cup also previously. But the present problem is "white man's" issue. See, blacks predominate in zimbabwe. But most of them are living without basic amenities because, most of the lands are with "minority english settlers". Robert mugabe is rightly confiscating the excess lands and is distributing among the blacks which is right. The australian prime minister is obstructing his team to play zimbabwe to bring some attention to the problem worldwide. If white men can live peacefully without fear in zimbabwe, why can't the australian players do the same for a fortnight or month?. India, zimbabwe or australia, politicians will be "pollu"ticians only. Thanks.