What will you do?When your baby crying .

May 15, 2007 12:34am CST
I have a baby.Her years is half to two. We all love she very much .She can say :ma ma ,ba ba and so on. But I am very afriad her crying .When she crying ,I don't know how to deal with she .Some time I may think :Why she crying now ? I only wait for stoping crying ,though that need a long time .What will you do? When your baby crying.Who can give me a hand to deal with the problem.
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• United States
15 May 07
aww sweetie,,it could be many things..her diaper needs changedmor she has gas or belly ache,too hot or cold,,orr it could just be that she wants cuddled or rocked..or too tired,,ya know what i did for my son? I bought a fan that has a louder fan noise and turn ot on when he sleeps..its soothing for babies and its makes all noise go away..i wish u luck!