Do u always feel its really hard to say "No"?

@subha12 (18450)
May 15, 2007 3:24am CST
I have always felt that it need guts to say no. whatever be that field. I have said two No's in very difficult situations. One was when my friend proposed me and I had to say no. I knew its hurting him, but what to do, i did not felt the same way. Again I had to say No to my manager when i was not ready to withdraw my resignation. Today most probably i have to say No in another very critical situation. Its about that yesterday my manger told me to take responsibility in another project, but i think its not good from my career prospect. so I'll tell her No toady. I am feeling a bit nervous but its Ok with me. what about you all. Thanks in advance for sharing.
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@subathra (3519)
• India
28 Sep 07
The most difficult situation in saying this word " No" is to someone we like most.I have always felt this because its very hard for me to say no to my close friends..otherwise i will say no if am not in a position to accept or do any sort of help needed by someone..but i say it with reluctance only as i know well that when we dont reciprocate what needed by other people surely it hurts them..
@whyaskq (7530)
• Singapore
15 May 07
I used to find it hard to say "NO". Now I don't. In fact, it is so easy now. I will just say "No" if I am not willing to do anything. I will also say "NO" if I feel that what I am supposed to do is doing for the sake of doing. If I am "forced" to do something even though I have said "No", I will let them know upfront that I am doing it because "You said so".... Having said so much, if it is part of my job to do it, I will NOT say No unless it is plain stupidity to do it.