Are you a polite cell phone user?

United States
May 15, 2007 6:02pm CST
DO you turn your cell phone to vibrate instead of the ringtone when you go to a movie? Or how about the library? Do you text message inseid the movie theather? Or take pictures inside the movie theater with your cell phone? (Yes, people really do this during the movie...I have seen it) Do you talk on your cell phone while eating? Do you answer your phone at the resteraunt table? Do you get up and leave the table or do you continue your conversation at the table? Do you talk on the phone while on a date? What about the public restroom. Do you talk on the phone in a public restroom while other people are trying to do their business? I had a girl talking on her cell phone using the speakerphone features in the stall next to me. We all do rude things sometimes, but what is the rude thing that you do on your phone?
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@PsychoDude (2013)
• Netherlands
15 May 07
I usually just have it off unless I really need, so not much rude to do that way :).
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@mememama (3076)
• United States
20 May 07
I don't do any of those things, I do own a cell phone, but I only talk on it if I'm not driving and usually it's my husband calling when I'm shopping, saying he needs a new toothbrush or something. I also have it for emergencies in my car, I've unfortunately had to use it more than once when I've seen a drunk driver or an accident happen. I think they are way overused today, people use them everywhere and it's getting ridiculous. I don't want to hear about someones boyfriend having herpes when I'm eating in a restaurant (actual conversation I overheard nearby lol).
• Malaysia
19 May 07
sony ericsson rose pink z610i - my mobile phone, SE z610i :)
i'm not sure if i'm a polite user or not? hehe..i do set my phone to silent when in the movies. if my mom or someone that i know happens to call when i'm watching a movie, i'll probably pick it up but talk really softly and tell them that i'll call them back coz i'm in the movie. but i might not pick up at all, either, depends. yup, i do talk on my mobile when i'm eating (gotta make sure that i don't have food in my mouth first?) and i do answer my phone at the restaurant table. if it's an important meeting, i'd just say that i'll call that person back, if not i'll just talk for a few minutes..definitely won't neglect the person i'm with at the restaurant! i wouldn't answer my phone in the restroom though, unless it rings on my way out..hehe..^_^
@squaretile (3831)
• Singapore
16 May 07
I have my cell phone on silent when I'm at office meetings or at church. nothing worse than having it go off in the middle of silence. At restaurants, i have a friend who will completely switch off his phone when dining with his friends. I don't do that, cos I'd like to be reachable if something urgent crops up. But if it rings, I'll either take it briefly to find out whether it's something urgent. if not, i'll tell that person I'll call back. If it's urgent, I'll leave the restaurant or meeting to take it. the rudest thing i do is text when I get bored during a meeting, even when someone is speaking. i need to keep my brain alive. haha.
• United States
15 May 07
i always have my phone on vibrate. i think it is so embarrassing to have everyone stare at you because your phone is ringing. The only time I answer my phone in a public place is if it's extremely important and something that cannot wait. there is a man in my church that every Sunday allows his phone to ring outloud and then will leave the service to answer it. i kinda understand because he's a doctor but at least turn that thing on vibrate so it's not disrupting others.