how to deal living with a menopausal woman?

May 15, 2007 7:51pm CST
sweet in one moment, fiery dragon the next! that is what amenopausal woman seems like. i know how to live with a menopausal woman because my mom had gone through that stage and she was really irritable and she would scream at us for no reason at all! we dealth with it by not fighting with her and letting her get her way always so that there will be no conflicts arising. after a few years, she returned back to her normal attitude and we just laugh about it now. what about you? do you have any similar experiences?
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25 Sep 07
If you can identify the things that trigger your hot flashes, you've made the first step in getting the upper hand. Keep a record of when they occur and what you were eating or doing, or how you were feeling at the time. Many women find that stress tops the charts as a trigger. Was that hot flash in the boardroom a random hit, or were you feeling under pressure at the time? Was it a full day of pressure without a break? Solution: Ease the pressure. Give yourself more time to plan your work, to rehearse your presentation, to deliver your assignments, to arrive where you're going. If you are doing a series of presentations, give yourself a chance to relax and cool off between sessions. And plan your schedule so you avoid meetings or decision making when you're most likely to be in a sweat.