Legit ways to make extra money online

United States
May 15, 2007 9:12pm CST
I have found a few legit ways to make money on the internet. Now you won't get rich but I figure if you implement maybe 5 of these companies then you could make a real good part-time income. I say part-time income because I really only participate in the free offers. I have decided to purchase a visa gift card, you know the ones that you only use once and then throw away. If I use the visa gift card then I don't have to worry if there is a trial I forgot to cancel. I have made $98.79 on cashcrate thus far and I have 136.49 pending verification in which I am sure by the end of the month will be verified. Now when I say a part-time income I am looking at about $500. Now that is a pretty good part-time income for hardly any work. So If I choose at least 5 companies to work and at least make a $100 per month from each of them then I am at the part-time income range. I have listed about 5 or 6 of these companies that I put most of my effort into on my web site http://nanassecretstash.com. Another thing is I have found that referrals really help a lot in these types of companies. In the amount that I quoted above about $29 of that is from referrals. I have 5 first level referrals and 2 2nd level referrals. I make a percentage of what the referrals make as well. (20% on the 1st level and 10% on the 2nd level) So if we calculate that each of my 5 1st level referrals make at least $100 I will make $50 just from them and then on the 2 that I have at 2nd level will bring me in $20. So in looking at that I will make $70 on the work of others. I know that there are people out there that will say it is a wast of time but if you really think about it and do the math yourself you will see that this really makes since and you can really make some easy money simply doing the offers yourself and helping other make money as well because every dollar I make is helping someone else. I was referred by someone and the $100 I have made has made them an easy $10. Motto being "You can make all you want to make if you simply help others to make money too" I know people on the internet and we swap out. If they find something to sign up with then I sign under them and vice versa. If anyone has something like this that they are signed up with if you will sign up with one of the companies on my site I will sign up under yours. I wont just sign up under you I will actually do work to make you money as well since I know a simple sign up wont really help you in most cases. Anyone that has not already signed up with cashcrate can sign up under me at http://www.cashcrate.com/index.php?ref=215439. If you are signed up with cashcrate already there are some more to choose from on my site. http://nanassecretstash.com. I will be adding more here shortly but I will only add the ones that I am working with on a constant bases. Thanks a lot everyone and good luck. Make money just signing up and referring other how easy can that be.
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@tellus (1442)
• Finland
16 May 07
here are alos some money making ideas for you: http://moneymakingopportunity.tripod.com
• United States
20 May 07
Thanks appreciate the extra site. The more the merrier.