Does your favorite color really depicts your character?

@oasis_9 (832)
May 15, 2007 9:36pm CST
I always see this color meaning on sites and books i've read and i'm sure some of you also had read it... SO do you believe it? Does your favorite color tells you who you are as a person? Or you just choose that color because you like it and no other logical reason behind it! I really love the color green so does that mean i'm greedy or i have a green thumb? :D You tell me
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@balasri (26546)
• India
16 May 07
I am an Arien.My ruling planet is Mars.My color is red.Things so happened that most of the things I own or like are red in color including my car.Red is aggressive.I am an aggressive person too.I think colors pay a role in your life.
• Philippines
16 May 07
surely, colors play some good parts in our lives. when we are out to pick some clothes, we consider the colors. when we are out to buy a car, we find that one color is more desirable than any other. perhaps our mood for the moment as we get our pick has so much to do with it.
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• Sri Lanka
10 Jun 07
The man from Mars even has a Red star!
• Philippines
16 May 07
as for colors to have so much clout in our lives, no, i do not believe in it. as to whether it is something which depicts some of our interests in life, it can be true. i like green above them all and i love to plant and care for plants. but i love blue, too, and so with red and pink. would that make me a colorful person, a person with varied interests or, a confused individual? whatever they say that i am, i will live my life the way that i should.
@bluishrose (2290)
• Philippines
8 Jun 07
For me yes, My fave colors are white black blue purple & pink. I wear white for neutral, black if i want to look strong, purple for royalty & pink if i want to be girly. blue can be sad or happy it just depends on how you see it, but usually if im gloomy. It just depends on the person and their lifestyle, some people don't give any meaning on colors.
• Sri Lanka
6 Jun 07
All your friends might be turning Green with envy when they see how sweet you are. So you see green all around you and got a liking to green. My favorite colour is blue. That is the colour of my school. "White and blue our mystic colours, till the mountains disappear", says one line in our college anthem. But when it comes to voting I am a green man. The two major parties in Sri Lanka is UNP (green) and SLFP (blue). I have never voted for the more communist SLFP.