Why Does No one Start Discussions Under Tattoos?

United States
May 15, 2007 10:41pm CST
I can't help but notice how many people have tattoos listed as an interest here on MyLot, but only one or two people actually start discussions under tattoos. Where are the rest of you guys? Don't you have tattoo questions, that's all I ever look to answer discussions under and there's never anything here!
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• United States
19 May 07
I haven't started any new topics because I haven't really had much to talk about related to tattoos. I have to wait a while before I can get more tattoos (money issues), so until I'm ready for some more, I mostly just respond when I see an interesting topic. You could always start some new topics under this category. I'm sure you'll get some responses that are worthwhile (as opposed to the people who post their dislike for tattoos).
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@14missy (3185)
• Australia
30 May 07
I agree with you. Why do people come on here and enter discussions when they have nothing but nasty things to say. I don't go to knitting discussions and run people that do that down (I actually don't mind knitting..) If you habve something interesting to say, do so otherwise stick to topics you can justify. Your star rating may be improved this way also. haha
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@RhodaK (177)
• United States
1 Jun 07
Hey I will respond to that one. I really like tattoos. I have 4 myself and plan on getting another one. The one I have chosen is a dream catcher with five feathers hanging from it. The feather in the center is a little longer. On top of the dream catcher is "the end of the trail" statue. I grew up in the town where the statue stands and my husband is part native-american. I am going to put each of the 4 smaller feathers, my children's names, and then my husband's and my name on the larger feather. I have a question for you though. Should I get it on the back of my shoulder or down the middle of my back. I am still confused about that.
@hcromer (2710)
• United States
26 Nov 07
I think it's probably because it is kind of hard to think of discussions to do related to tattoos. Other than "What tattoo should I get" I don't think that there is much to discuss about tattoos unless you hear of a specific instance in the news of someone being discriminated against because of their tattoos or something along those lines. And as for watching for a topic that you like to have discussions, who doesn't do that? How do you pick what you respond to then? I thought that is why we went through and entered our interests?
@obukohwo (302)
• Nigeria
16 May 07
You are not joking, i will advice that you try to accommodate other interests instead of puting your head in tattoos only.
@herrbaggs (1308)
• United States
16 May 07
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