Dogs and Cats living in harmony?

@breepeace (3024)
May 16, 2007 12:11am CST
My Siberian Husky, Summer is fine with my 6 year old Norwegian Forest Cat, Onye. Onye is very pushy, outspoken and stands her ground, though, so Summer has never pressed the issue with her. However my roommate got a kitten in December, and Summer still views him as supper. It's been so long since I acclimatized my dog to living with a cat (the type of personality the cat had helped, too) that I don't remember any of the tricks I used when I was getting her used to it, just having her tethered to me by a leash so I could keep an eye on her. It doesn't help that the kitten doesn't really stand his ground either, if he runs, she'll chase. Anyone have any tips or tricks for helping the dog understand the kitten isn't lunch so we and the kitten can go back to living a normal life instead of segregating the pets in the household?
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@r3v3ng3 (484)
• Romania
17 May 07
I think that dogs and cats can live in harmony. I'll tel you how react my cat when a dog come in my house. One day one of my friend come to my house with his dog. At first both of them were afraid one of each other and we didn't push them because we were afraid that they could bit each other. I'm sure that if they spend much time together they will bi good friends.
@breepeace (3024)
• Canada
17 May 07
Well that's fine, but I'm asking for advice on how to stop a dog from KILLING the kitten. This situation is a little different since my dog isn't afraid of cats.