Your Favorite Digimon Series

The End of 02 - The Digidestined and their children, the end of the very best series.
United States
May 16, 2007 12:12am CST
Which of the five seasons of Digimon is your favorite? I just saw Digimon Savers (season 5) for the first time today, and it's so much different than the others... The art style has totally changed! I'm not sure if I like it so much yet. My favorite season is season 2. Having all the original Digidestined plus the younger kids was the best, and I think it had the greatest story too. I still wish it hadn't come to an end, they should have continued Digimon Adventure for more seasons! I keep hoping one day, they will make a series that relates back to the original.
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@kylina (178)
2 Sep 07
I would have to say that my favourite season would be season3: DIGIMON TAMERS!!! I had always felt that the digidestined children had always seemed a bit useless except for making their digimons digivolve in season 1 and 2 and while that didn't change much in season 3 (the Tamers in season 3 help their digimon digivolve) The Tamers are able to help their digimon by swiping power boosting cards into their digivices. Not too mention there isn't too many characters that make it long AND RENAMON WAS SOOO AWESOME. Rika rocked too. The story was awesome as in not the "one digimon trying to take over both worlds" type of villain, instead they face an actual threat that tries to delete everythin: The D-Wreaper. Season 4 wasn't good in my opinion because they were just a bunch of kids who can TURN into a digimon. Not kids turned Digimon Tamers with partners or anything. Because of that, I felt that it lacked the whole point about digmon and humans working to gether to save the - whatever it is they're trying to save. And i have nothing to say about season 5 because i haven't seen it yet (i'm waiting for eppys in the internet) What i don't like in Digimon however is why the leader of all the digidestined kids (in all seasons i think ) all wear goggles. It's like a signature or something. Or even why they always almost get stuck with Fire Types. Or are always hot-headed and brash. Those are anoyying cliches.
• United States
2 Sep 07
The leader has to wear goggles because it's a tradition! Ever since the first comics with Taichi, the main character has always worn goggles. And, I don't think wearing goggles is really a cliche because it's something unique to Digimon.
@kylina (178)
4 Sep 07
Right, Sorry about saying that the goggles are cliche part. but i find the characteristics of the "leader" to be cliche. Take zoids for example, Van, the hero, is hot-headed and rash while the enemy, raven, is cold and calculating. why can't the hero be calculating as well? I would so have loved Rika to be the leader of the Tamer's little group
@vrixxz (46)
4 Sep 12
to me, Digimon Tamers is like a dream coming true! well, Takato was just an ordinary school boy, he loves playing Digimon Trading Card Game, and on some sort of occurences, POP, he hatched (or created, whichever fits the most) an ordinary boy, with ordinary life, suddenly joins the battle to protect the world! and better yet, fighting with the most loved thing! digimon! yea that is!
@A1sonic (21)
• United States
18 May 07
While Digimon Adventure was the one that got me into the series, Digimon Zero Two would be my top favorite. Just like you said Candid, it had the original Digidestineds plus some new ones. I found 02 to be more 'adult-ish' thanks to the age gap between the older DDs and the younger DDs (that and all the older DD guys were quite hot~ X33). Tamers was a okay series though it will probably be my least favorite for life thanks for it being the series that came on right after Zero Two. ~_~ I give Tamers some leeway cause of Masako Nozawa played in the Japanese version but the dub not even that(using Brian Donovan as the narrator just bugged me greatly, like they were trying to get 02fans to watch the show all cause Davis was narrating! _XD but all and all I will for ever love Adventure & Zero Two cause those are the two (in my opinion) that were the best of the series. *nods* eh I think I got a little carried away with seasons I didn't like and less on seasons I like. *sweats* sorry about that. ^^;;;;
• United States
18 May 07
Wow, we have the same opinion on basically... everything having to do with our favorite seasons. I need to watch more of Savers so I can see how I feel about that. But, basically everything else you said are my reasons for liking and not liking each series! I kind of liked hearing Brian Donovan's voice at first in Tamers, because I kept holding on to the hope that they would somehow connect the old group of kids to the new season in SOME way. Of course, Ryo was in there, but I still can't figure out how that happened. I kept saying stuff like, "Oh so and so must be so and so grown up secretly!" Even if it made NO sense. I was in denial over the end of 02 I guess x_x Man, we need to get some more Digimon fans on here... I wonder what happened to all the old fanartists... Resuko, Koani, Cloud Ishida, the girl who ran the Lost Temple of Ishida (man, I can't believe I forgot her name!) That was my favorite site for a long time.
@hwdphg (5)
• Malaysia
24 Mar 11
I would say digimon season 1,2 that's all I like... the new digimon saver is like . How do I say this 'weird' cause why is everybody in the series is teenager not a cute kid ....
@br3ndy (468)
• Indonesia
6 Nov 11
My first Digimon season is season 3: Digimon Tamers. Actually i didn't really like the digimon there but maybe i like season 3 because of the Tamers/Digidestinieds and the way they battle using their digivice using card slash. Sometimes i also want it to have a continuation since the ending really not to my liking because the tamers separated from their partner digimon. The second season i like is Digimon Adventure season 1. It has the best story and the best digimon so far. And the best part of that season is because there are Angewomon and Magna Angemon, my most favorite digimon. For the season 2 i dont really like it though, maybe because they digivolve diferently than season 1 most of the time. But the ending is really to my liking because it is happy ending with the tamers not separated from their digimon partner.
@jrmika (60)
14 Oct 12
my favorite are season 1 and 2. and I like all the character in that season.
@Rina99 (12)
• Canada
7 Apr 13
I have many favorite seasons. I love Digimon Xros Wars. It is very different, but I like it mainly because of the leader. He is actually a leader! He's not hot headed, and he is very caring and brave. He's also very smart, but he does have his flaw, which you will see later on. There is also a lot of character development and twist and so on. My second favorite season would probably be Digimon Tamers. I thought it was really funny, but it has it's serious moments too. This was the first season where some characters actually lost their Digimon (Jeri and the girl with the dobermon), and it does get a lot darker than the first two seasons. I certainly learned a lot in this season. My third favorite would have to be Digimon Frontier. At first, before I watched it, I thought the whole concept was stupid, but the character development and the storyline in general is pretty cool. Unlike other seasons, these kids don't have a digimon to fight for them, so of course they would grow. In general, I love all seasons. Kari is one of my favorite characters, but I can relate most to Sora (tomboy, not understanding my mom's love, love tennis, short hair, kinda like a leader, but also kind motherly...). My least favorite season would be Savers because of the artwork, Agumon's dubbed voice, the storyline is a bit confusing, but in the end, I did enjoy it. It was just too, I like the goggle trend, but I guess he's too old to wear em.
• Singapore
8 Jul 07
To me, i think Digimon Adventure is a success. :) It is like... complete and the storyline makes logic and i enjoy the excitement when i watch it... unlike Digimon 02... i think Digimon 02 is dull, a little bored and draggy, until towards the last episode, the show starts to be exciting. However, the last part... all the kids grown up, 25 years later. Hm.. that's too fast. =/ I thought the 3rd series digimon could either be the sequence of Digimon Adventure 02 or about the chosen children's kids' adventure, but was disappointed that they didn't continue. And, WOW! Digimon Tamers amaze me! I enjoy watching it. =) Since the first episode, i start to craze about it... during the last episode, tears almost roll out of me eyes haha. :D Digimon Frontier is as nice as Digimon Tamers to me, but i wonder why many people said it is bored. Digimon Savers... I only watch the first few episodes, hence i cannot judge yet. :)
• New Zealand
20 Feb 10
My favorite season's are 1,2,3 I don't like 4,5 Because it kinda weird... With all the new digimon Names I wish they put it back on tv season 1,2,3 for fun of it Good memory's
@xebazuel (51)
• United States
14 Apr 10
I really like Season 2. It has a sort of dark theme to it, but still manages to be an awesome show for kids--and I was a kid when I first watched it. Plus, as you said, you get two generations of the digidestined. Can't complain there. I also have to say I like seasons 3 and 4 because of the dark undertones--especially the darkness of season 3. It was like a whole new step for the Digimon series. Really suspenseful and awesome. My favorite will always be Season 2, but I was definitely happy to have the others. Haven't seen season 5 yet, but plan on buying it soon!
• New Zealand
8 May 10
I like Digimon Frontier and Tamers They Rock Digimon Savers is weird to me.