Suspending Disbelief

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May 16, 2007 12:39am CST
We all know that to be able to watch these shows means swallowing some ridiculous storylines that would never happen in real life. What storylines or character's actions do you have a hard time suspending disbelief for on One Life to Live? For me, it's the whole Jessica/Tess storyline. It would have been nice to have seen this somewhere through the years when she was on the show. But Tess was never seen, never even hinted at, until this storyline was dreamed up.
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16 May 07
I love the Tess storyline but I am a huge Bree Williamson fan, but I think we all saw the Tess when Jessica married that known killer a few years ago, wasn't he is Lord? and it caused such a scandel cause Dorian was married to him at one time, or his son, I forget the storyline, but I remember her going against her Mother's wishes and marrying this guy.
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23 May 07
werk it I think her story line is for real of course this is a true thing that can happen to people my aunt has a personality disorder and sometimes she thinks she is my uncle - it is so weird but I love it - it is a show just watching her go nutty itis just fab I think
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