Picking up an infant every time he cries will spoil him.

May 16, 2007 12:28pm CST
Fact: In the first few months, it is imposible to give a baby too much attention. An infant's only means of communication is to cry, and in order to build a sense of trust, parents must respond to his need. Babies cry for many reasons besides hunger or soiled diapers; they may have gas or they're tired, thirsty or too warm. They also could simply be irritable, lonely or bore. ust pay attention to the signals and don't be afraid to show your concern.
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@r0131n (357)
16 May 07
I remember my mom carrying my sister whenever she cried back when we were young. Its not just the carrying that my mom does but also dance or sways her about to calm my sister down. This went on until when she has nightmares, my mom would carry her and dance with her until she falls asleep. It must have been hard work for my mom back then. My sister turned out quite well and she gets on very well with my mom. Perhaps doing this may have lasting bond between parents and child. :o)
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