yahoo messenger? Useful or destructive?

@Mizzmo (31)
May 17, 2007 5:04am CST
Hi everyone! give in your opinion, does yahoo messenger distructs you when your working? or is it really a useful tool for both office and home use? well, for me i guess it's useful..we actually use it in the office as an effective tool in communicating with the staffs within and without the office. It is economical and efficient way of relaying messages. How bout you? i beleive other offices are blocked or banned from using it. Share your opinions..
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• India
17 May 07
Yahoo Messenger has been one of the easiest way of communication . Its is a easy way of connecting and communication with friends. It has always been immensely helpful to me. It even helps me chat with my teachers. Now with all the add-ons Yahoo messenger has taken an ultimate form. The Yahoo 360 beign one of the best features. The waether , challenge Game finder . the radio ...all seems helpful. The facility of making calls also seem very useful for students like me. Its easily helps to clarify the doubts that I have with my friend. The chat rooms in yahoo messenger is yet another interesting and useful aspect of it. It helps me meet a lot a new people and share a lot of new ideas with them. SO I feel yahoo messenger cannot be destructive in any way....