Why is a guy attracted to a girl

May 17, 2007 8:38am CST
What is that in a girl, that attracts a guy mostly. I read some discussions here, most of them have stated that guys are always attracted by the physical beauty of the girl. I am not willing to comment whether it is right or wrong. Practical incident in my life - My fiancee` is really beautiful, she has won various titles for her beauty. And she was my classmate in college. She was just a classmate. We use to talk and we became friends to some extent. And one fine day she proposed. But due to various other personal issues in my family side, i was not ready to accept. And i declined. She with all confidence waited for sometime.. and as time passed by even i started loving her. I was really attracted about many qualities in her. It was only after i fell in love and we got going that i realised that she was really beautiful. SO i definitely feel that physical beauty is not the only factor hat attracts a guy.... Whats your say??
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@shak143 (1280)
• India
17 May 07
It's really difficult to say dude iam also in search of answer for this mind Breaker.But one thig i know is it's nature wish and guys most depend on their senses not on thoughts while to judge one is good looking or not.
@gbolly54 (661)
• Nigeria
17 May 07
Just as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so is good food in the taste bud of the eater. All human beings have their peculiarities. An appreciation of physical beauty varies from individuals. All depends on one's perceptions, standards and fantasies. When I introduced my fiancee then with pride to a friend, I thought that he was losing his sense of value when he reacted in a way that told me he was not impressed about my choice. After the girl had left us, I pestered him for his unambiguous comment on her. All he did was to ask me back if I actually liked her. Apart from physical beauty, there are a lot of qualities which only a closer look and/or association will reveal. Yet, there are instances when a girl will be universally adjudged as beautiful, but one would feel inferior to her or doubt if she would be a faithful wife. You probably fell into this category initially until a closer association with her convinced you that she could be trusted despite her ravishing beauty. There is another possibility in the factors leading to a choice of partner. Some people have chosen wealth and position above all other things. For these people, beauty is in the context of wealth/power/position, even if physical ugliness is involved. As for me, I looked for average beauty, intelligence, academic background, family background, behaviour and her choice of friends. No love is really blind!