Why do people are araid of thunder?

@andyvish (901)
May 17, 2007 9:00am CST
Thunder is a natural phenomenon and yet it is fearsome to some people. Why is it? is it because they afraid of the sound?
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@alilswt (388)
• United States
17 May 07
i have never heard of an adult being afraid of thunder just lightning as for a kid the sound can understandably be scary
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@ellie26 (4133)
• Malaysia
17 May 07
Hello andvish, I dont like thunder because of it the sound. It is lound and scary to hear. The other thing is, I am afraid that it might struck my house and causes fire. I guess most people hate the sound.
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@nishchith (136)
17 May 07
obviously its sound which plays the major factor that brings fear other than that may be bcoz of the consequences that might result which we cant withstand
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• Singapore
18 May 07
I'm not afraid of thunder but it's the sound that shocked me that I find it irritating.
@thefuture (1750)
• Nigeria
17 May 07
Yea it's because of the sound backing it. I could remember when I was a child, there was a huge sound and I was so scare that I jumped and hit my head on the wall. Thanks and have a nice day.
@abroji (3247)
• India
17 May 07
I am frightened of lighjtning, not thunder. Naturally if all at a sudden a thunder bursts we may jerk because of the unexpected explosive noice, but a poweful lightening will frighten any sensitive person. Because we all know the consequences if lightning strikes. It may cause fire, it may damage our valuble sophisticated electrical and electronic fittings, it may kill our pet fish in the tank and eventually it may kill even us. So I am frightened of lightening.