Do you know anyone who was in a war?

United States
October 22, 2006 1:50pm CST
Do you know anyone who was in a war? My husband's dad (my father in law) was in Vietnam. He came back pretty much unhurt, but he did get sprayed with a chemical, which caused him to have diabetes now. But he did come back in one piece so that is good.
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@biff333 (32)
15 Jan 08
Yes many as I served in Falklands luckily no one I personally knew was killed but my thoughts go out to those who have been injured or to people that have lost loved ones
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@academic2 (7009)
• Uganda
12 Jan 08
My Martenal uncle was a WW two veteran-he faought in Burma and Abysinia and he has deep bullet wounds but he he is a suvivor, he is about 85 now, and we enjoy listening to the tales of World War two as relivened by this great veteran!
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• Israel
12 Jan 08
Well, both of my big brothers were in the war in Iraq (I live in Israel). They described missles falling on their camp and it was quite horrific, but still, they both came back uninjured =]
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• Pakistan
11 Nov 09
my dear world is fiancncially war
@ptrikha_2 (18403)
• India
6 Nov 09
Well, one of my maternal uncles fought in the India-Pakistan war in 1971 as a Air Force pilot. I met him a few years back.