I think there should be never ending series of Rang De Basanti ,what do u think?

@nityam (138)
May 17, 2007 4:09pm CST
Yea i mean movies like this should be encouraged,rather many more parts of this kind of different movies must be introduced...wht's yur say bcoz this movie really had a huge impact in the Indian People,Government,Press...people and press are now more aware and fearless then ever.i CAN GIVE U an example:Jessica Lal atlast got justice....wht's yur say????
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@deepti15 (1190)
• India
18 May 07
oh, yes it would be good and motivating. It is scintilatting and energizing. Such movies should be made, not just sequels but a series. I do not know what people say about this wonderful movie but I liked it a lot. It had a message, a solution, which inculcates the habbit of being good , being strong and being true to yourself. One must watch it. It helps strengthen the inner you, and forces you to think as to what you desire from life for yourselves as well as others.
• India
15 Nov 07
ya indeed you are right in all respects and the example you have quoted it's really good. even i think that movies like this really encourage people and india needs alot of it we really need some more sequels of this movie. the movie was really a respect to all those freedom fighters clear justice has been done. 10 out of 10 to rang de basanti
@swatig (1187)
• India
2 Jun 07
its gives us the message that dnt rely on others. I agree about the impact of Press but dnt you think ppl comes first as power of Press comes only from them. if we are not awaken, then how the working of Press possible.
• India
30 May 07
yeah....i agree wid u that movies lik RDB should be encouraged but wat i think is that as the movie like this releases, it definetly had impact on people....but as time passes people forget about everything about the movie.......hyperexcited state of minds of people decreases with time...
@Lydia1901 (16353)
• United States
20 May 07
I am not sure about that at all because I have never seen it before. But, I'll check it out sometimes, thanks for the information.