Horror anime

May 17, 2007 8:28pm CST
Do you know some horror anime? Can you recommend me some, i only watch hellsing .. and i wanted to watch more horror anime.. thanks
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• China
26 May 07
Well I actually wouldn't classify Hellsing as horror, but I think I know what you're looking for. Here are some animes to check out: 1. Blood: The Last Vampire (They also made this into a TV show called Blood +, check out the movie first and if you like it delve on into the series). 2. Tsukihime 3. Vampire Hunter D/Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust 4. Demon City Shinjuku (made in the 80s, a little cheesy compared to today's standards, but the storyline and the drawings are still cool) 5. Paranoia Agent 6. Witch Hunter Robin 7. Trinity Blood 8. Red Garden I could go on and on...This is the genre I really love, but I'll leave you with those for now. Enjoy!!
@Arkadus (896)
• Canada
22 May 07
Well I don't call Hellsing horror. Especially not the OVA's there's far too much comic relief in those. -_- Totally ruins the mood. I also didn't find Petshop of horrors to be a real horror show at all. The only thing I've come across so far that I feel qualifies is Higurashi no naku koro ni. Or as it's soon to be english dub is named "When they cry" (I'm not sure if that's the actual title it's just what I've heard.) It's also getting a second season in japan supposedly. But since it's going to have a dub it's lisenced, so I guess you'll have to wait on that, or gig out your eyepatch and funny hat.
• Brazil
18 May 07
There's an anime named "Pet Shop Of Horrors" I didn't think it was so scary but people call it horror anime. You could try this one and see what you think about it ^^