Is AGLOCO about to launch?

May 17, 2007 10:20pm CST
Hundreds of thousands of Internet users all over the world have joined AGLOCO - which stands for A GLobal COmmunity. We are all waiting for the ViewBar to be released so we can start taking advantage of this interesting Internet Phenomena. In a nutshell, AGLOCO pays you surf. A toolbar, similar to the Yahoo or Google toolbars, sits at the bottom of your screen and you use this to surf. Everytime AGLOCO members use the Viewbar to search or do other activities, AGLOCO gets paid - this then is distributed throughout the network. The goal is to sell off AGLOCO in the long run, and then the users will be paid a share of the sale. How big a share? Well that depends on how many people you have invited to join. For example, when YouTube sold for $1.65 billion, only the 3 founders of YouTube got that money. What made YouTube worth that much, ie the users, didn't get a cent. AGLOCO is about reversing this trend. You may have heard of AGLOCO or even already joined and are waiting for the Viewbar to be released. Dot Com Mogul John Chow was recently sent the Viewbar and he placed a video on YouTube for all to see. Check it out on my website at:
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• Sri Lanka
3 Jun 07
Yesterday (2 June 2007) we got the news that we were all waiting for. The Agloco viewbar will be ready for download from Monday onwards. It will not be released to everyone but will be according to the order of joining. The viewbar is still in its initial stages and it will be automatically upgraded while we use it. But it will take some time for us to start earning. They would have been spending a fortune developing it.