When you had your first love relation with somebody?Wich age?

@al87exa (720)
May 17, 2007 11:45pm CST
Of course a normal relation . Normal i mean physic and spiritual too.
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• Philippines
21 May 07
when i was 17. but it doesnt last because my parents dont like him.
@huilee (1010)
• Singapore
18 May 07
I started my first relationship at the age of 16... I met him through some basketball competition and at that time, everything was so sweet... Everything went well till three months later, i found out he had someone else besides me.. To me, hes a total jerk... Even till now... I thought i had the purest first love... But he confess and polluted everything... Even when we were together, he dialed up my friend to chat with her on the phone, talk for long hours and everything... How horrible... N yesh, he had another girl thus we break off... Hes a jerk coz... He stole my first love... My first kiss... But im glad i realised it soon then later... At least the pain inflicted would be lesser... But it took me a total of two years to forget him... How pathetic right...
@paywise (500)
• Indonesia
18 May 07
I think when someone falling in love at the firts never see what kind of that girl/boy just feeling and desire.
@al1979ex (125)
• Philippines
18 May 07
i had my first love relation when i was 20. previous relationshi was not love. only a fling with any girly that i i like
• New Zealand
18 May 07
Id have to say it started it at 14 for me, I did marry my first love later on and we had spent many years together.