Where did you go this summer???

@Mathurin (491)
May 18, 2007 3:32am CST
The summer is not over yet, we can still squeeze in at least 2 more gimmicks before summer officially ends hehhehe. But i know right now most of us have already spent some days for ba break. Can you tell me where have you been this summer? Did you visit new places or did you go to your usual summer getaway? Who were with you? I've been wanting to visit Capiz for a long time, my mother's hometown. But hearing about Capiz, the first things that come to your mind are not the seafoods or the beautiful islands or the laid back way of living, they will be, i bet, flying women, large stray dogs, birds screech and probably scenes that are not nighttime. But this summer, we planned to break the familiar mindset, we want to visit Capiz and bring back stories better than what we hear about the place. My mother's family live there so it can't be that bad. Heheheh So, first thing's first. Let me share to you how we get there. We were grateful for the holy week and national heroes day, giving us 5 free days to enjoy. Considering we will be travelling for at least 16 hours, we planned to go holy wednesday to reach Capiz by holy thursday. We met at alabang, then hired a van going to Batangas Pier. At Batangas Pier we bought tickets for Supercat going to Calapan, Mindoro. After Supercat, we rode a van going to Roxas, Mindoro where we will ride a barge going to Caticlan. When we reached Caticlan, we need to ride a bus going to Mambusao. But we were not able to see a bus so we hired a van again going to kalibo. And finally a bus going to Mambusao. We met an uncle there to take us to where my grandmother live, already thursday morning. Seeing the vast farm areas and the rivers and the trees, i was reminded of what Binan was before subdivisions were built. Really, i realize it wasn't very much different from the place where i have grown here near the city. But the similiarities end there. When we went to the beach, i was ecstatic. The beach in Roxas city is so wide i was running towards the sea and already panting before i step on water. But that only made me crazier and i kept running along side the water. It was of dark sand but i didn't mind. Dark sand without a single pebble to hurt you feet and clean water so you won't hesitate swimming in is as good as fine white sand if you plan to enjoy a visit in a beach. I have found the a jelly fish as huge as a dinner plate, and i still shivered even if it is obviously dead. Then there is a cave we visited. It was so huge and some areas are really really dark. But light penetrates in areas that only gives the cave the impression of immensity. We were able to rock climb, hike and trek in that short visit. And of course the food. What is a vacation without food. I was grinning silly everytime i see fish. Fish weighing a kilo and a half that only costs me a hundred pesos and can feed eight people hehehehe. The fish should have given me idea how large the other sea creatures will be but it still surprises me to see squids larger than my forearm and of course the jelly fish. The shellfishes too were good fares, we've been eating oysters for a good two hours before we turn our attention to other fish laid on the table. There were several kinds of fish, swordfish, flat fish, small ones and of course bangus and tilapia. The finale is the crab, and i settled my self just eating the pinchers hehehehee. So there it was i know i haven't told everything but do share me your experiences this summer. God bless
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