WHICH is better? SEXY but UGLY? or BEAUTIFUL but FAT?

pussycat dolls - Not all are lucky to be born with it. Having Both the looks and the body in one is considered to be a miracle. But what if you were given the chance to have one among the two, what would you choose?THINK! and reacT!
May 18, 2007 5:59am CST
I've heard my brothers raise thoughts regarding their thoughts on girls and they both have proven their sides well. My eldest brother JEff has always loved ladies with long legs, proportion shape and a really sexy body. My elder brother preferred pretty and gorgeous girls, with faces like Natalie Portman, regardless of here being overweight or something like that. As for me, being a girl, it' really different once you have a mixture of both. It's something that we really strive to have. Now let's see what you think! If we really don't have a choice but either beauty or body.
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• United States
24 May 07
I don't know but...I would have to choose you because you look so perfect. and young
• Philippines
25 May 07
HAHAHA! I dont know how to react with this answer but i should say that YOU FLATTER ME!:) by the way, the angel pic that you're seeing is my Graduation Glamour PIC in my SCHOOL yearbook!:)
@jlara_gtr34 (3492)
• Philippines
22 May 07
i think i would prefer to be sexy but ugly because nowadays, it would be easy as pie to have facial surgery and make myself look beautiful. loz. :) well, seriously, as i have observed, men do prefer ladies with beautiful bodies, kinda neglecting the face value if the lady has a really sexy body.
@lzjilbb (425)
• China
22 May 07
I think that's not the point. If you can have a facial surgery, then isn't weight losing more easy?