How will check dowry death which is prevanlent in our society?

@20031969 (932)
May 18, 2007 6:09am CST
now a days dowry cases are increasing leaps and bounds. we can see dowry death or dowry harrassment in tv news even in high class society as well as middle class. is there any solution of it. if it is, what step should be taken by individual to protect themselves or government can provide certain relief in this matter by compensation or we should keep tounged tied in this matter like a dumb spectator. please comment thanks.
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@Lindalinda (4112)
• Canada
18 May 07
I presume by dowry deaths you are referring to the brides who are killed by their husbands or in-laws after the marriage. This is horrible. From time to time we see a case on TV or read about it. I think there has to be a cultural change and education, particularly in the villages of India. Gradually the dowry system should dissapear as it has in many Western countries. In the meantime your Government should impose severe punishments for those who perpetrate these murders. It is hard to say how individual parents can save their daughtrs from such a fate. From what I understand most marriages are arranged so the parents and relatives of the prospective bride should really investigate long and hard to see the character of the prospective groom and family. Also more and more women in India at least in the cities seem to go for jobs and careers. These women should insist that they want to live indepndently with their husbands and not in the family compound. Independent professional men and women should also be able to choose their own partners. Most of all though, I think it takes caring and concerned people like yourself who think about this and are able to bring about change.