Hillary Clinton for UDA President

May 18, 2007 6:38am CST
Is America ready to have a female president. As polls suggest, Hillary Clinton is leading her rivals in the Democratic Party by the proverbial mile. That she will be the Democratic nominee is a foregone conclusion. However, there is a question of her electability however. Probably because of the high profile she maintained while Bill was president but I would attribute the question of her electability to the undercurrents seldom acknoweldged by the average Americans that as a super power, their country should be governed by a man. The Americans I guess would prefer someone who will govern and not just reign. Personally, my reading is USA is ripe for a woman president with the qualities and capabilities of Hillary. She's damned good and focused and she definitely knows her priorities. You guys and gals out there. What's your opinion?
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@edigital (2709)
• United States
18 May 07
I do not see any problem for women President in USA and Hillary Clinton elect. Its a big bag bonanza for the U.S.A. citizen as her husband Past-President Bill Clinton is behind Hillary, so USA people will get 2 Presidents at a time though will vote for 1 President for governing them and for their more benefit.
• Philippines
18 May 07
Nice comment. Just love your sense of humor. But on the second thought, your logic is just right. Bill happens to be one of my favorite personality.